• Antiquities valuation or appraisal

    Valuations or appraisals are determinations of an antiquity’s worth. Essentially, this means an estimate of what price the object might receive if it were put on the market, or what its value should be considered for insurance (or other) purposes.

    Properly evaluating an antiquity requires far more than simply comparing it to items of similar age, size, material, or region. There is an intangible element—the work’s artistic or aesthetic merit—that will often have the greatest influence on value. Any appraisal that does not consider this is going to be at best mediocre and at worst erroneous, potentially costing a client thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

    Only a tiny fraction of appraisers possess the ability to distinguish between pieces that the art market is likely to consider of higher or lower quality, and of them an even smaller fraction have any knowledge of antiquities. At Antiquities Experts, we have the education, training, and critical aesthetic sensibilities necessary to provide the best possible appraisals. It is this knowledge and appreciation for aesthetic merit that sets our valuations apart.

    The valuations we provide can be formal or informal, depending on the client’s needs. For formal or official estimates, we offer appraisals that conform to USPAP guidelines (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). These appraisals are accepted by Federal Agencies—such as US Customs and the IRS—and may be used for tax-deductible donations, charitable institutions, insurance agencies, court proceedings, and other official purposes.

    Common reasons for seeking a formal or informal appraisal include:

    • Insurance
    • Insurance claims
    • Divorce
    • Estate planning
    • Estate distribution
    • Estate taxes (IRS form 706)
    • Buying and collecting
    • Investment purposes
    • Selling
    • Donations (IRS form 8283)
    • Gifts
    • Bankruptcy and liquidation
    • Court cases

    Our expert appraisers have decades of experience. We have worked for museums, private individuals and numerous insurance agencies. We cover Ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and pre-Columbian. Most importantly, we have the ability to properly evaluate the artistic merit and quality of a work—a crucial factor in determining value. The official reports we issue are comprehensively researched and generously illustrated with comparison pieces to support our findings. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us for information.