• Buying and selling antiquities

    With our in-depth knowledge of and experience with the antiquities market, we are a natural choice for assistance with the buying and selling of antiquities.  In the case of private and confidential sales—which are increasingly common—we protect our clients’ privacy.

    In the current market, buying an antiquity is almost always a smart investment. So long as the object as been authenticated there is a near-certain chance that it will only increase in value. The market for antiquities is shrinking as countries pass increasingly stringent laws restricting the antiquities trade. With fewer pieces available for sale, the finest objects that are available will continue to climb in value.

    Because of the potential for high returns, many shrewd collectors consider antiquities to be an excellent investment. Yet smart investors know that proper authentication and intelligent purchasing and selling strategies are absolutely essential. At Antiquities Experts, we provide personal attention and customized advice based on our experts’ opinions and years of experience. This close attention to detail and to our clients’ needs ensures that all our clients have the guidance and information needed to make the best investing and collecting decisions.